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Tim Smith

How did i get started ?

I owe a lot of my skills to my grandfather – Clinton Boyette. He mentored me and showed my how to use hand and woodworking tools at an early age. He did not show me how to weave chairs, but did provide the foundation necessary to build and refinish furniture. For the weaving skills, I give credit to my mentor and friends – Bill and Barbara Williams of Clayton, NC. Bill is the craftsman who has shown me numerous designs, techniques, and tips needed in order to produce the products you will see within this website. Bill and Barbara have both been a source of encouragement for me, offering any help and guidance along the way.

Weave-N-Art Craftman

In this site I present the history of chair making and weavings, show the different materials used to construct the product, provide a list of products I have crafted, answer the questions you may commonly ask about chair weaving, and provide you with some links so you may work on your own products. Yes, the craft is a VERY time consuming, somewhat tedious art; but anyone with a love of handcrafts can learn.

At this time, I am not not selling my products online, but may one day as the site grows along with my inventory. I am available to answer questions by contact but have also offered you links and other sources which may answer your questions about the craft.

So get out grandpas chair that is sitting in your attic, explore this website and others for information about the chair, and put those handcrafting skills you possess to work as you Weave – N – Art.